Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Sparta&k M.R. Vidnoje


Pokey Chatman, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje coach:
"It was a tough game today. We did some mistakes in defence but statistically we had more attempts than ZVVZ USK Prague but with only 30% of  made baskets. That was not enough and it was the weakest point of our performance today."

Jelena Milovanovic, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje player:
"It was a great game, but as our coach said we still have things we need to  work on, especially our defence. We gave Prague quite a lot of open shots, while we did not make many of our shots." 

Lubor Blažek, ZVVZ USK Prague coach:
"It is a very important victory after two defeats, we couldn´t afford to lose another game at home. Sparta&k is a very strong team and that is what makes victory even more valuable. To win you need sometimes a little bit of luck and we had it today. Our players played with all their heart and had their leaders tonight - it doesn't work without them."

DeLisha Milton -Jones, ZVVZ USK Prague player:
"As the coach said, you have to have a little bit of luck to win a tied game, but I think our desire and efforts  to win decided the result today. After two lost games this victory is very important. We won against the winner of last season, this is great and we have to build on this and get from it just the best. Sparta&k is a great team with a great coach but today the ball bounced on our side."


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