Quotes Tarbes GB vs. Halcon Avenida


Lucas Mondelo, Halcon Avenida coach :
"I have lot of respect for the team of Tarbes. Their inside players could stop our inside players but at the end of this game, they found out how they can make the difference."

Anke de Mondt, Halcon Avenida player:
"Tarbes were French champions last year. We came with lot of competitive spirit, we had to do our best to win this game."

Alain Jardel, Tarbes coach:
"Of course I'm disappointed because we lost a game at home even though we knew it was going to be difficult. At the end they dominated us on the boards and they got easy baskets while we lost a lot of balls. But it was a very interesting game for us."

Jelena Dubljevic, Tarbes player:
"We could keep up with them for 35 minutes, but we had to be concentrated until the end and it was difficult."



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