Quotes VICI Aistes vs. Galatasaray MP


Ceyhyn Yildizoglu, Galatasaray coach:
"Congratulations to VICI-Aistes, they played really good. The played good pick and roll offense, also good motion offense. They were hitting three pointers all the time. We came back but could not win the game. Next game is at home, we will try to get the victory."

Gintarė Petronytė, Galatasaray:
"We did not stop their three pointers. They deserved the victory because they played really well. We knew they hit three pointers well but could not stop them anyway. We do not play well on the road."

Mantas Šernius, coach VICI Aistes:
"We started the game with a good tempo. We had two goals before the game - to stop Sylvia Fowles and their fast breaks. We didn't do a good job in the first half but in the second everything worked better and that was the key to our victory."

Vita Kuktiene, VICI Aistes:
"We tried our best, we were helping each other. We wanted to be in a good mood before Christmas break and we achieved that."


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