Quotes Rivas Ecópolis vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


Javier Fort, Rivas Ecópolis coach:
"We played well over the first half of the game, showing great defense, but we played against a great team and we missed some easy shots. They broke us in the second half because they have a lot of quality players and shot very well from the three-point line."

Clara Bermejo, Rivas Ecópolis player:
"We knew it was going to be a complicated game and we did well in the first half. They are a candidate team to win the EuroLeague and they showed why. Still, overall we have a positive outcome of this game because our defense was a lot better that it was in previous games."

Gundars Vetra, UMMC Ekaterinburg coach:
"We know that Spanish teams play well at home, as well as Italians or Turkish clubs, and we were prepared for that. They were very emotional but we showed some great physical shape, we didn´t give up easy baskets and played good defense. Those were the keys."

Chrystal Langhorne, UMMC Ekaterinburg player:
"I think that they played a great game, but we played really well and managed to come out with a victory. Rivas like to push the ball and they are definitely a good team, but they have a lot of new people and need to adjust to that. Right now they are trying to figure out who they are."



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