Quotes Lotos Gdynia vs Gospic Croatia


Lotos Head Coach Dariusz Raczynski:

I would like to congratulate my team. In the first half we were down but in the second half the girls played in the way we wanted to play. Kaczmarska's shot was decisive. The whole team played very well, that's why we won. 

Lotos Guard Monica Wright:

Gospic have a very talented team. We fought hard and played very well even when we were down by 14. We are a young team but we don't give up and we will play better. 

Gospic Head Coach Stipe Bralic:

I'm very disappointed. I think we played very well, especially in the first half. In the 18th minute we were leading by 14 points, that's why it is hard to understand that we lost. In the second half Gdynia simply played better. And Magda Kaczmarska's three-pointer decided the game.


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