Quotes Gospic Croatia vs MKB Euroleasing


Stipe Bralić, Head Coach Gospić Croatia Osiguranje:

"We managed to win against a stronger team. We gave our best, led the entire game and then four minutes before the end we were down by four points. When it was most important, we played as a team and showed our true character. Our players, Mandir and Ivezić, got us back into the winning position with their 3-point shots and then Maurita Reid stole a ball and gave Marija Vrsaljko the opportunity to win the game for us".

Sandra Mandir, Gospić Croatia Osiguranje:

"I am very pleased that we won and that we showed that we can play in the EuroLeague. We know that the players of Sopron have been playing in this competition for many years. This is only our second year and I hope that we will come back next year".

Norbert Szekely, Head Coach MKB Euroleasing:

"We knew that we didn't have enough strength and that it would be hard for us to win. To win you need to play better defence than the other team and this is what Gospić had. I congratulate Gospić.  They played very well and their win was well-deserved.  Even though we didn't win, we had a wonderful stay in Gospić".

Katalin Honti, MKB Euroleasing:

"I think that this game was very difficult for us. We knew what to expect. We gave our best in order to win but in the end Gospić was the better team. Another reason why we didn't win was that we did not have enough strength in the end because some of our players are ill. Of course, I congratulate the team of Gospić.  They were shooting better and this is why they won".


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