Quotes Lotos Gdynia vs. MKB Euroleasing Sopron


MKB Euroleasing Head Coach Norbert Szekely:
"It was a very important game, it was an opening and away game. That's why we are so satisfied that we won. I can tell that we played better against mam to man diffense than zone. Next week we have a hard game against Ecopolis at home and it will be difficult but I hope we will win."

Lotos Gdynia Head Coach Dariusz Raczynski:
"23 Turnovers is a disaster. I can't find a better word for that. We are missing a typical point guard and post player and try to hide it in many ways. Unfortunatelly, in this game my players didn't meet the expectation. Congratulation for the winning team."

MKB Euroleasing guard Katalin Honti:
"I'm happy with the win. We can play fast and we did it. We will continue it in the future."

Lotos guard Monica Wright:
"The Statistical sheet shows it all. We played against tough opponents. We will try to play better and improve in the next game."



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