Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Rivas Ecópolis


Head coach of Rivas Ecopolis Javier Fort:
"Congratulations to Ekaterinburg. We played well during the first three quarters. But in the last ten minutes the UMMC players were accurate in three-pointers, and went ahead.  Amaya Valdemoro didn't play tonight, because she picked up an injury against Sopron."

Head coach of UMMC Gundars Vetra:
"Our opponents have prepared for the game very well, the strategy chosen by them bore fruits.They tried to be effective in defense, and often changed their defensive schemes. They played well even without  Amaya Valdemoro. In the fourth quarter we strengthened our defense and started shooting well from behind the arc; our big girls were productive in the paint as well. I want to congratulate my team, I am satisfied with their performance in the last quarter."

UMMC captain Maria Stepanova:
"The game was not easy, the opponent resisted well, and only our three-pointers gave us an advantage in the last quarter."


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