Quotes MKB Euroleasing Sopron vs. Fenerbahce


Norbert Székely, coach of MKB Euroleasing Sopron:
"Fenerbahce is one of the strongest team in the EuroLeague. But we can be proud for the way we played tonight! We couldn't stop the stars of Fener in the second half."

László Rátgéber, coach of Fenerbahce:
"I'm very happy. It was a very difficult game. I'm proud for our eighth successful win in a row in the EuroLeague series."

Kata Honti, MKB Euroleasing Sopron:
"It was a good game, we did an almost perfect job but one which wasn't enough to win the game for us tonight."

Anna Vajda, Fenerbahce:
"It was good to play in Hungary again. I'm happy!"



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