Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Gospic Croatia


Head Coach of "Gospic" Stipe Bralic:

"Tonight we've played a very good game. Before we had had fifty-one-hours trip, and the players were terribly tired. The home team - Ekaterinburg - is an excellent team. They have seven foreign superstars. In the first seven minutes we played badly, and lost sixteen points, but later we improved our play."

Head Coach of UMMC Gundars Vetra:
"It took our opponent team very long time to arrive in Ekaterinburg. Probably, for this reason our players were relaxed, and lacked the needed concentration. However, it should be noted, that we started very well, dictated pace, but the following substitutions were not very successful. We lowered our speed, and the game became tough."


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