Quotes Gospic Croatia vs. Rivas Ecópolis


Stipe Bralić, head coach Gospić Croatia Osiguranje:
"We played tonight's game unexpectedly worse than [we had originally] planned. The rhythm of playing Saturdays and Wednesdays along with the travelling has shown that we could not keep up with a team like this even though we knew their strength.  We lost the aggressiveness from our previous games and of course, the opponents used this to their advantage.  This time, their offensive jump was left an unsolved puzzle for us."

Sandra Mandir, player Gospić Croatia Osiguranje:
"We fought as hard as we could, but the other team was much better than us in all aspects and we have to congratulate them."

Javier Fort, head coach Rivas Ecopolis:
"I am very satisfied with the way the girls played.  We played the way we did because we knew that Gospić played pick-and-roll so we adjusted our offense to that type of playing and won. The domination of our team was noticeable under both baskets so were our tall players, Bonner and Paris."

Amaya Valdemoro, player Rivas Ecopolis:
"We are very happy that we won in this game; that was very important for us.  Gospic played well, but we were more successful."