Quotes Cras Basket Taranto vs Wisla Can-Pack


Cras Basket Head Coach:

"It was an intense match, balanced. My team has played pretty well, especially on the defensive end. In this way we were able to neutralize a dangerous opponent. I am happy about our first place in the group but we must remain humble and confident."

Cras Basket Center Brooke Smith:

"This is a good time for Cras. Krakow was not an easy opponent to beat but we managed to be competitive. I feel very confident about our next games."

Wisla Can-Pach Head Coach Jose Hernàndez:

"I'm disappointed that we lost. My team played with a lot of heart and we had a chance to win. In front of us we had an equally determined opponent. However, I remain confident about my team for the rest of this competition."

Wisla Can-Pack Guard Andja Jelavic:

"In the long run we suffered from the good defense of Taranto but we still had a good game. We are two good teams, they deserved to win. We will do our best to beat them in our next game."