Quotes Pécs 2010 vs Cras Basket Taranto


Dokic Zeljko, Head Coach Pecs 2010:

"It was a really good game, full of energy. It was impossible for us to lose. We became a big team tonight, I am proud of my players."

Zsofia Fegyverneky, Pecs 2010:

"We can put up a good show with 5-6 good players. I am so happy. We were well prepared for this game."

Roberto Ricchini, Head Coach Cras Basket Taranto:

"Congratulation to Pecs. Our players were mentally tired because we had a lot of games in the last few weeks. Pecs was very aggressive and we could not stop them."

Jami Montagnino, Cras Basket Taranto:

"The supporters of Pecs are great. This was one of the reasons why Pecs won the game. They seem to be a much stronger team playing in front of their home crowd."


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