Pecs 2010 - Wisla Can-Pack


Zejlko Dokic, Head Coach Pecs 2010:
"First of all I would like to congratulate the Krakow team. Tonight Krakow scored many points in the last seconds of attack time against our very strong defence. They had a very good player who has got good sense of playing. Her name is Kobryn.
On other side we did not have such good shooting percentage but our young team is improving day by day. This was also usefull game for our development."

Zsófia Fegyverneky, Pecs 2010:
"We are sorry for this game. The Krakow was lucky which we missed in our game. But we have no reason to be sad becasue Krakow is a very good team."

Jose Hernandez, Head Coach Wisla Can-Pack:
"In the beggining we had rebound problems but in the second half we were playing better and better."

Ewelina Kobryn, Wisla Can-Pack:
"I am very happy for this victory. It was a very hard game because Pecs is famous for good defence. It was a top game and very important for us. We won!"