Quotes Dexia Mons-Hainaut vs. Valencia BC SAD

21 October 2009

Valencia Coach Neven Spahija:

"First,I want to congratulate Dexia and Arik Shivek for a victory which is fully deserved. It was one of the best games I saw for a long time, but my players were very indolent during some moments, and I think it was impossible to come back at the score in playing like that.

"In front of us,we have found a team which was very agressive on defence, and fighting for all the balls. That explains our defeat in the way of if I have young players, the other ones, with more experience, were unable to fill up the defaults of their members of the team.

"It's sure I'm desappointed,but it was a very tough game,and we have a week to rectify all the mistakes of this tuesday..."

Valencia Player Florent Pietrus:

"Sincerely,I didn't expect such a game, but we made a lot of mistakes, especially in turnovers, and Dexia provided the opportunity to have self-assurance after a good first turn of us in the first quarter.
The second leg will be quite different, I'm sure..."

Dexia Mons Hainaut Coach Arik Shivek:

"Against a team which makes part of the top of the Spanish League,we have signed a big performance thanks to a very good defence, and despite the fact that two players were missing for such a game, the other ones proved the supporters they were able to make good a loss.

"In one week, the team had progressed, and now, we have again a lot of work to do for keeping the fifteen points in Valencia next tuesday, because I think that it will be difficult in front of a crowd reputated for encouraging it's team to reverse the result. Nevertheless,we have done a very good job tonight..."

Dexia Mons hainaut Player Dominique Coleman:

"I'm very happy of the issue of the game,because the coach had told us that the Spanish team was very strong, and also difficult to play. The team have had regard to the instructions, and it was very exciting to play in such an atmosphere. It's the first time I discovered Eurocup,and the level is very high..."

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