Quotes BG Göttingen vs. Roanne Basket


Roanne Basket head coach Jean Denys Choulet:
It was a tough game tonight. The home court advantage is incredible. If we play at home the result may go the other way. Göttingen played their well defense, like we know it from tape. I would like to say that the referees did a great job in the first half. We have two players injured. I am proud of the players that played. It was a really good game. The crowd here is great. Göttingen deserved the win in the end. I want to say that I can't understand that it is not allowed to replace an injured player. That is a stupid rule. And second, a team that qualifies for the Final Four shouldn't organise the tournament. The home advantage is too much.

Roanne Player Dylan Page:
It was a tough game tonight. The game went up and down all the time. It was a game of runs. This was a big crowd. It was fun to play here. Other than that we didn't execute on offense. At the same time we made some mistakes on defense. We simply can't allow both things at the same time.

BG Göttingen head coach John Patrick:
We played a really good team. One of the top teams in France. They are missing their best player. We miss our best player too and also had two players playing with hand injuries. We said before the game that we don't want to make any excuses. In the game we had big problems controlling Dylan Page. I think our team fitness was the key to win the game. We were a little bit luckier in the end to hit the big shots. I am proud of the team, they really fought hard. I am also proud to play in front of this inspiring crowd here in Göttingen.

BG Forward Robert Kulawick:
I'd like to thank Roanne for a great game. We played in front of a really great crowd. In the end it was all heart and team play by us. I think that's why we won this game.


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