Quotes Krasnye Krylia vs. Scavolini Spar Pesaro


Krasnye Krylia Head Coach Mikhail Mikhailov:
Thanks to Scavolini Spar Pesaro. Thanks for a very good game. Both teams deserved a spot in the final. But we already met in the semi final. The situation with Dusan Sakota is very unfortuneatly, we wish him all the best. The game was equally played over four quarters. On defense, my players played very well tonight and on a high level over 40 minutes. We made a few mistakes but we will work on that in the finals. We really worked as a team. We wish Scavolini Spar Pesaro all the best in the game for 3rd place.

Krasnye Krylia Player Ralph Biggs:
Like Coach Dalmonte said, we did a lot of collapsing on Williams and Hicks. It worked out very well for us. Their three pointers brought them back in the game. I think we let down the intensity and allowed them to comeback. We simply can't afford that. But still we played enough team defense to get the win.

Scavolini Spar Pesaro Head Coach Luca Dalmonte:
Congratulations to Samara. They played a lot of collapsing in defense. They collapsed in the paint on Williams. And on the wing they collapsed on Hicks. We knew that, but we missed some open set shots. The game was tied all game but five minutes before the end the shots of Samara made the difference. Mentally we lost the game in the last two minutes. We need more patience in offense. A big difference have been the 1 on 1 situation. We allowed them to score to easy on that.

Pesaro Player Branko Cvetkovic:
Congratulations to Krasnye Krylia for advancing into the final. The game was tied all game long. Just a couple of small things made the difference. We received a couple of three point shots in the end. To be honest, it was a very tough time last week. That maybe caused a lack of focus. But we don't want to make excuses. Congratulations again to Samara.


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