Quotes BC FMP vs. BG Göttingen


John Patrick, Göttingen coach:

"We saw a good game where both teams gave their best. Both sides played good defense and FMP came back in the second half and caused us some problems.  Basically one couldn't have guessed the outcome of the game until the end.  I am proud of my team that they played with their heart for the whole game."

Taylor Rochestie, Göttingen player:
"We came here trying to get  a win. We tried to stay physical throughout the game. We had to play as a team. Congratulations to my team."

Bosko Djokic, FMP coach:
"Congratulations to Göttingen! They are a good and organized team. I would also like to congratulate my team but only for the second half, as in the first half we looked very bad in defense. W definitely have to work more on our defense. We have to learn and work a lot.  We will have seven days of preparations at Zlatibor to get ready for Super League."

Sasa Stefanovic, FMP player:
"Congratulations to Göttingen, they fought and gave their best.  Unfortunately we couldn't qualify even though we had a chance tonight and in the first game. However, we have to concentrate now on the domestic league." 


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