Quotes Belgacom Liege vs. BC FMP

10 February 2010

FMP guard Nemanja Protic:
"We were very good defensively tonight, we put a lot of intensity and strength. We've had a little down in the fourth quarter but we were able to win this game thanks to some very important 3pts shoots in the money time".

FMP head coach Durovic:
"It was a very important game for us tonight. We had to win if we wanted to keep the lead in the group. We made a very detailed tactical briefing, especially against Banks and Thomas. But tonight the surprise came from Xavier Collette, we didn't expect him to be at this level, offensively and defensively. But at the end of the game, I am relieved with the win."

Belgacom head coach Gjergja:
"We were not really focused tonight, and when you play against such a team, you pay for it immediately. We have been dominated in the paint and at the rebound. I am happily surprised with Collette, I hope he weel keep playing that way. To talk about FMP, I see them taking part to the Final 4 this year. A very strong team with young guys."

Belgacom forward Josh Duncan:
"We didn't start the game very well. We were not focused on the rebound. But now we need to think about our championship game on saturday at Antwerp."

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