Quotes Belgacom Liege vs. Enisey Krasnoyarsk


Krasnoyarsk head coach Ainars Bagatskis:
"We had ups and downs all the way through this game. At some moment, we played very well with a lot of aggressivity and a lot of physicality, we could get opens shoots and nail them, what gave us more than once a slight lead of 6,7 points. And then we made some mistakes defensively and we started forcing our shoots, what helped Liège to play his transition game. Liege made a good effort in the fourth quarter to rally to the victory and I have to congratulate them for this game, their first round and their qualification for the second round and the first spot of the group. But, in basketball, you can't win with so many turnovers".

Liège head coach Dario Gjergja:
"I first want to congratule Enisey Krasnoyarsk for the qualification to the second round. We expected such a game, with a lot of aggressivity, and today we proved that we had mental ressources. We played a two overtime game 2 days ago but yet we showed some energy on the floor. I am pleased with the number of assists, it proves that we playd patiently tonight, especially against the zone, to find the open shoots. Now I am really happy for my team, and looking forward to playing the second round. We have a tough group, with good teams."

Liège player Josh Duncan:
"We knew it would be a tough game. What we had to do, and what we did tonight, is showing as much as physicallity and aggressivity than them."

Krasnoyarsk player Lionel Chalmers:
"We started the game pretty well, playing in the right tempo, both defensively and offensively. But then we started to take the bad options and we were immediatly punished on the other side by Liège."


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