Quotes BC "Minsk-2006" vs. Amsterdam


Ferry Steenmetz, Amsterdam head coach:

"It was a very defensive game. Both teams played at high level but Minsk was a little better. We was not carefully enough with our shots."

Sergio de Randamie, Amsterdam player:
"Both teams played well and it was a really nice to play against Minsk. I want to say congratulations for them."

Andrey Kruvonos, "Minsk-2006" head coach:
"Our teams were contenders for third place in group. Every of them want to show its best. It could help to feel stronger in future. We missed some shots we must to get and that is why the game was so nervous. But we was better in the end."

Minsk player Alexander Koul:
"Not every of us shown his best playing in this match. But every one left all of himself during the game. We were like a team and it helps us to win. We shown that we can play at this level and we will grow up in future."



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