Quotes MEG Göttingen vs. Lokomotiv Kuban


Sasho Filipovski, head coach BC Lokomotiv Kuban:
Congratulations to Göttingen. Bravo for a very good game. Göttingen plays very quick and very aggressive. They play also with heart and they are very tough. On our side it's difficult to win if you get 92 points and lose the rebounds. We gave up 22 offensive rebounds tonight. We missed some easy outside shots, but you can't win a game from the outside anyway. Basically, rebounds and defense are the keys to win a game.

Gerald Green, player BC Lokomotiv Kuban:
Congratulations to the German team. They played really good. They played defense, we didn't. You can't win a game if you give up 52 rebounds. You can't win a game at any level with that. We have to work hard in practice and focus on what we did wrong in this game. We have listen to what coach says. He is a great coach.

John Patrick, head coach MEG Göttingen:
I am very proud of the team. They played really hard. It was difficult for the team from Krasnodar to travel across Russia and Central Europe and come here to play a game. We were lucky they did not make some of their outside shots. It is not normal for Capin to miss all of his outside shots. We, on the other hand, had some hot hands in Robert Kulawick and Taylor Rochestie. Our rebounding was the key to success.