Quotes Dynamo Moscow vs. Sony Athinaikos

Gintare Petronyte, Athinaikos forward:
"It was a very hard game because we had to qualify for the next round. We had prepared a lot and we tried to do all what we could."

George Dikeoulakos, Athinaikos Head Coach:
" The most important thing was not to lose 24 points. Candice Wiggins was injured. The rest of the girls did their best. I also congratulate Dynamo. It's a very good team. I wish them good luck in Russian Championship."

Sergey Schepotkin, Dynamo Moscow Head Coach:
"I congratulate the Greek team with qualifying to Semi-final. Now this team is stronger than us, more organized team with good players. It was nice that in the second game we were more prepared and could struggle against such a good team. I think we played not so bad. I wish all the best to the Greek team."


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