Quotes Good Angels Kosice vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg

26 February 2010
Stefan Svitek, Good Angels Coach:

"I am very happy with our game, with the result. Teams actually fought for the victory, they didn't give up a single ball. We better controlled the defensive rebound and also the number turnovers was acceptable. We did not give chances to out opponent for counter-attacks and easy baskets."

Angel McCoughtry, Good Angels:

"It was a very good match. It was difficult, but I'm very proud of my teammates. We played well against a very tough opponent."

Gundars Vetra, Ekaterinburg Coach:

"It was an interesting game for spectators. The home team prepared for us and they struck with tough and aggressive defence. My players thought after an easier win in the first round that this round will be the same. But they were wrong. I was quite satisfied with defence, but we can do much better in offence."

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