Quotes Rivas Ecopolis vs. Frisco Sika Brno

Brno head coach Jan Bobrovsky:
"The match has been played as we wanted and I think we didn't have many difficulties. The key of the match has been our good defense and a good shooting system too. I consider we have been on our best basketball today and definitely this one had been the most important factor today."

Brno forward Eva Viteckova:
Our good defense have permitied us to make some differences at the begining and we have been able to keep that difference until the end of the match.. We expected to have bigger problems with Rivas Ecopolis defense but  finally we could make our offensive systems.

Rivas head coach Javier Fort:
"Brno made very good shots at the first and second halfs and when we could change their speed we had our best chances to win. What I expect for the next game is to take get our best basketball again for trying to equalize this qualifying round."

Rivas guard Elin Eldebrin:
"We haven´t been at our usual level of defense and this has been one of the keys of the match. I hope the team will show it usual face and to have the chance of playing the third game at home."

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