Quotes Bourges Basket vs. Halcon Avenida

05 February 2010
Jordi Fernandez Sanchez, Halcon Avenida coach:
"We know that this game was to be harder than in Salamanca because of the philosophy of Pierre Vincent about defense. And tonight, Bourges defense was very hard. Losing 10 offensive rebounds in the first half is also a reason for our defeat. Tonight was a different game [than the first one in the series] with two strong Bourges players inside. Ndongue and Burgrova were two of the keys of the Bourges victory."

Pierre Vincent, Bourges Basket coach:
"In the first game Salamanca played excellent offensively. The Salamanca team are strong but they are also only humans so we can tire them if we play hard enough. We played a good game but we still have to be better in our head. Had we been stronger tonight we could have won by 10-15 points. Now we have nothing to lose and everything to play for."

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