Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Ros Casares Valencia

05 February 2010

Isma Canto, Ros Casares Valencia coach:
"In the first game against ZVVZ USK Prague in Valencia we played very well in the first half but the second one was worse. It showed us that for the second game we have to stay concentrated all game long, especially on the defensive end. And it worked out. The game started with a 4-18 run for us which practically decided the game, as it gave us such a difference in points that it kept us till the end. Although the Prague team came out in the second half with more intensity and tried to balance the game, our team played long offenses and kept the game under control."

Jana Veselá, Ros casares Valencia player:
"We had learnt from the first game in Valencia. We knew from their last two results in the Czech League and Czech Cup when they beat Brno that USK is very strong offensively so the main task was to eliminate Maltsi and Whalen from shooting. We succeeded in it and it ensured that we kept the game under control."

Ivan Beneš, ZVVZ USK Prague assistant coach:
"Today we saw an identical game like the one we played in Valencia three days ago; only the colours of the uniforms were different. The first half decided the game just like it did in Valencia. Ros Casares are a very strong and consistent team, they have been together without major changes for two years and they have formed a very strong collective. They focused on our shooters, our team had problems to find open positions. The deficit in points which we find ourselves in in the very beginning was very hard to trim down and it consumed all our energy. But still, I am proud that our team did not give up and kept fighting till the end. I am very dissapointed, because our team is strong and I believe that we should have advanced further in this year´s EuroLeague."

Kateřina Elhotová, ZVVZ USK Prague player:
"Well, we had very bad start today, we were making mistakes, lost track with the opponent within the first couple of minutes and that stayed with us till the end. It is hard to come back from 4-18 down when you are losing so many shots. Our team was fighting hard but it was not enough to beat such a strong team."

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