Quotes Ros Casares vs. ZVVZ USK Prague

02 February 2010

Ros Casares head coach Isma Cantó:
"This is the Eight-Final Play-Offs and it's not easy to win, even at home. We played very well the first two quarters but after we had problems because we didn't play with the same concentration. On Friday we will play a different game in Prague. At home, they are a very strong team like we could see last season when we lost there."

Ros Casares forward Amaya Valdemoro:
"We have played two games in the same game. The first game during two quarters when we played at good level and the second game in the last two quarters".

ZVVZ USK Prague head coach Lubor Blazek:
"Of course I'm not happy with our first half because we had good open shots and we missed them. We lost too many balls in offense and they used it to run. We lost the game but I'm happy because wecompeted with a team like Ciudad Ros Casares in Valencia. At the end they won only by 11 points."


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