Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Galatasaray

02 February 2010

Galatasaray guard Esra Sencebe:
"We didn't play well in defence tonight - lacked concentration, gave the opponent opportunity to score easy points and make a substantial advantage. In the second half we improved our team work and played much better. Now UMMC are leading - 1:0, but we'll try to win at home."

Galatasaray head coach Zafer Kalaycioglu:
"UMMC is a very strong team, and it is a hard task to play against them."

UMMC head coach Gundars Vetra:
"Tonight we've played with a very good team, whose players enter the strongest five players of the world (Catchings, Young). I am very satisfied with our win. We made an early scoring burst, it helped us to play well the first three quarters. As for the last ten, we let all our players to step the ground, and the opponents' five played better. However, we will not let Galatasaray win easily in Turkey."

UMMC guard Deanna Nolan:
"We came out to play in good condition, set the tone pretty good, quickened where we needed to, slowed down where we needed to, were good in three-pointers, opened the coloured area for the big girls. Good start helped us to win. "

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