Quotes Lotos Gdynia vs. Tarbes GB


Jacek Winnicki, Lotos Gdynia Head Coach:

"It was a very tough game. We had a big problem before this game because Erin Phillips and Ivana Matovic, our main players, were sick and spent the last few days in bed. We tried to play tough in defence and we did it, except in the first quater. It wasn't our best basketball but we won and that's why I am proud of my team."

Paulina Pawlak, Lotos Gdynia:

"In the last seconds were very nervous and excited but we didn't allow them to win this game. Tarbes team tried to play physically, as close to the basket as possible. Sometimes we had little problems in the three seconds zone. We won because we had a good three-point percentage and we played good defence. We also had 17 assist - it means that teamwork was our advantage today."

Francois Gomez, Tarbes GB Head Coach:

"We are very happy that we can play against such big, titled and famous club as Lotos Gdynia. We lost because we missed too many three-pointers and free throws. If you don't score, you will not win a game. It's easy. We lost our aggressiveness."

Frida Eldebrink, Tarbes GB:

"We are very sad because we believed that we could win. We missed a lot of easy shots. This is the reason of our failure."