Quotes Szeviép vs. Spartak Moscow Region


Emő Fürész, Szeviép:
"It was a sensational feeling to play against the stars of Spartak. But on the court we weren't intimidated, we did our best to make winning hard for them."

Tamás Bencze, coach Szeviép:
"It would have been a really hard game had we our full roster against Spartak. Three of my best players are ill, so, I think, I can accept gladly this result."

Sue Bird, Spartak Moscow Region:
"Szeviép's team is a competitive one; I felt myself good onthe court, I've enjoyed the entire game."

Pokey Chatman, coach Spartak Moscow Region:
"The fans were great and helped the home team. Szeviép's defensive and offensive play were both good, we had to make some changes in our game in order to win."