Quotes Lotos Gdynia vs. Frisco Sika Brno


Brno assistant coach Vlastimir Havlik:
"We played very poor basketball in the first half. We lost 13 points to Lotos after the first half and it was a big advantage for our opponents. In the second half we were very close but we missed a few easy shots."

Lotos head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"We are in a very difficult situation because we rebuild our team. We have many young players and we all wanted to prove that Lotos Gdynia still sounds very proud. My team played very good game. I am happy because we won in the end of the game."

Lotos player Olivia TomiaƂowicz:
"We had to win if we want to play in the play offs. We still have a chance. today we showed our heart, character, we fought, we were strong as a team."

Brno player Petra Kulichova:
"We played very bad in defence, especially in the first half. We missed a lot of easy shots. "


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