Quotes Frisco Sika Brno vs. Tarbes GB


Frisco Sika Brno head Coach Jan Borbovsky:
"The game wasn´t easy. Tarbes played from the beginning very unpleasant zone pressing. We couldn´t this defense overtake. Our players knew, how to play against this tactic but they made mistakes. We didn´t play good in defense. We have to improve it in new year."

Frisco Sika Brno player Eva Viteckova:
"We didn´t play excellent, but important is the victory. We had problems with defense against shooter Houston."

Tarbes Gespe Bigore head coach Francois Gomez:
"It is very difficult to play against Brno, one of the best team Europe. Today we could have done a miracle. But we missed to much baskets and easy points, we made mistakes in defense and rebounds."


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