Quotes Spartak Moscow Region vs. Szeviép


Pokey Chatman, Spartak Moscow Region Vidnoje coach:

"I am happy that my team are continuing to play well especially on the defensive end. I am especially happy that are continuing to build momentum, something especially important today since our opponents had just won their last game."

Sonja Petrovic, Spartak Moscow Region Vidnoje:

"At the beginning we were not as serious as we should be and only after we did [become serious] were we able to take over. I am happy to be helping my team in this effort of ours to finish first in the EuroLeague's most difficult group."

Tambs Benze, Szeviep Szeged coach:

"Congratulations to Spartak. Even though they are a much better team than us my players did not fight as much as they could had; if we were more serious in the second quarter the score might had been different."



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