Szeviep vs. Tarbes Quotes


Francois Gomes, Tarbes Coach:

"Today the better team won. We tried to break the rhythm of Szeviép's game, but we gave up too many points in the first quarter. It was the last chance to qualify to the next round, and we failed. We prepare for the next season to be better."

Florence Lepron, Tarbes:

"Everybody thinks if you're a good player, everything comes easy. But this is not the true, we can be better every day. We will try."

Tamás Bencze, Szeviep Coach:

"We worked hard to improve our play step by step, and now we've managed to win against our obstacles to be a winner in EuroLeague."

Bernadett Németh, Szeviep:

"We started very well, and except some harder period we won easily. It's a good feeling."


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