Quotes Bourges Basket vs. ZVVZ USK Prague


Pierre Vincent (Head Coach, Bourges Basket):

"Prague is a big team with excellent players who can shoot and score everytime. I enjoyed our game, but I am not very happy with the second quarter when what I asked for was not respected by the players and in this game all mistakes cost us a lot."

"Although we missed Ana we had good positions to shoot, but we did not score and ZVVZ USK Prague was more than a good team tonight - they scored!"

Lubor Blazek (Head Coach, ZVVZ USK Prague):

"We knew that this match was important because it is the first of the EuroLeague Women. We prepared a hard defense to keep Bourges Basket under 55 points because we can score more. Inside the paint Bourges Basket defended very well so we took big risks with long distance shots and it worked."


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