Quotes Rivas Ecopolis vs. USK Prague

Lubor Blazek, Head coach of ZVVZ USK Prague:
"We have played below our level and Rivas has dominated the play from the beginning. In the first part Crystal has destroyed us under the hoops, they were taking all the bounces and had seconds and up to third shot opportunities. We have to forget this match and think about three following ones to be able to qualify."

Evanthia Maltsi, ZVVZ USK Prague:
"The team never was in the match, Rivas has played very well and has been superior in all aspects og the game. They have dominated us. Now we can only fight for the second place in the group."

Javier Fort, Head coach of Rivas Ecopolis:
"I believe that we have played the best match of the season, we dominate all the aspects of the play and did not allow our rivals even to think about victory. We have sustained the rhythm the whole match. Now we have to think about three matches that are ahead and try to achieve the maximum."

Lucía Fernández, Ricas Ecopolis:

"We have played a big match and have achieved something impossible, to be first in the group. The team has been very concentrated. For my debut I am very satisfied, it thrills when the crowd shouts your name. I am very happy!"


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