Coach and palyers

Pierre Vincet, Head Coach of Bourges:
"Despite the loss I believe that we had a good match. We just did not hit the free throws that had given us the victory. Don't forget, we played against a team which is the group leader. The result of course doesn't satisfy me, but our play has improved."

Javier Fort, Head Coach of Rivas Ecopolis:
"Bourges played very intensive game and had a chance to win it, had they made those free throws. Luckily, we managed to keep on and get this very important victory."

Anna Cruz, Rivas Ecopolis

"A very hard match, they are very strong physically. It costed us a lot, but we have imposed our defense and our play and could have taken ourselves the match. The key has been our defense, in the key moments it allowed us to have more options and gain the match in the overtime."

Anael Lardy:
"We have lost a good opportunity. We had the match in our hands but it escaped from us. It was a very close match and any of teams could have won it. They were more concentrated in the overtime and they took the match."


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