Quotes Good Angels Kosice vs. KSSSE AZS-PWSZ Gorzow


Štefan Svitek, Košice Coach:

"A lot of lost balls meant that we could not move away from our opponent. It was important for us that in the poor parts of the game, we were able to mobilize and we don't allow the opponent to turn the match in their favor."

Linda Frohlich, Košice Player:

"I am happy that we won. We prepared for this match, but there are many small things which we have work on to win the next week."

Dariusz Maciejewski, Gorzow Coach:

"It was a good match on defense, and in attack. It was typical combative match. However, I have to congratulate Košice for victory."

Samantha Jane Richards, Gorzow player:

"We're frustrated that we lost. It was an important match for advancing from the group. Košice played very well and we made a few mistakes in a bad time. That cost us the match."