Quotes MiZo Pécs 2010 vs. Halcon Avenida


Zeljko Dokic, Assist Coach MiZo Pecs 2010:

We are very sad. This week some of our players were sick. Thank you to our fans and congratulations to Salamanca because of this marvellous game.

Dalma Ivanyi, Mizo Pecs 2010 player:

We are very sad. We missed lots of free-throws in a very important moment.

Jordi Fernandez Sanchez, Head Coach Halcon Avenida:

We are happy for the victory. We expected this win. The first half was not so easy but in the second half we did our best.

Le'Coe Willingham, Halcon Avenida player:

I am proud of or team. I feel we are better and better every game. It is true that we started slowly but the end was very great. We have lots of new players. We started to become a real team.



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