Quotes Beretta-Famila Schio vs ESB Lille Metropole


Sandro Orlando, Beretta Famila Schio Head coach:

"We played a great game. Unfortunately we didn't play great defense in the first quarter and we allowed Lille too many points. But with patience and moving the ball better, we always found good shots. The whole team played well and the bench players were a key factor for the win."

Audrey Sauret Gillespie, Beretta Famila Schio Forward:

"Tonight we played very well and got a crucial win in this group. Next week we have another imprtant game versus Gospic and we play at home again. We can't throw away the opportunity to start with 3-0 record."

Abdou N'Diaye, Lille Metropole Head Coach:

"A strange game. We played well for twenty minutes, with a good defense, and very badly in the second half. We can't allow our opponents to score 92 points if we want to win a game in the EuroLeague Women."

Emilie Gomis, Lille Metropole Guard:

"We are a young team and we have not enough experience to face this kind of game. We didn't shoot well consistently and allowed too many points in defense. A bad night for us but it's just the start of the season and still a long way to go."


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