Quotes Wisla Can-Pack vs. Lille Metropole


Lille head coach ABDOU N'DIYAYE:
"Coming here we knew how hard it was supposed to be. Play versus the best Team of the Group is hard! The first quarter decided about the game and after it the game was over. My Team tried to play better and I am glad of the last quarter. Great Burse, Fernandez, Castro....Congratulations to the Wisla Team.

Wisla head coach JOSEĀ  HERNANDEZ:
"I am very happy! We are enjoying the dream of 8:0...but we must think about two hard away games in front of us. We will do our best to get as good possition before the play offs as possible."

Lille player ELODIE BERTAL:
"IĀ agree with the coach - we were not able to stand the first very agressive quarter - next it was better but not enough to have a chance in that game."

Wisla player JANELL BURSE:
"I am very happy. I think that the first quarter was great for my Team - very agressive in offence and in diffence. We will try to play better in the next games - we have to eliminate some mistakes especially in diffense. "



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