Quotes Halcon Avenida vs. MiZo Pecs

Avenida head coach Jordi Fernandez:
"They have played with urgencies, and we had to be concentrated all the game. I'm satisfacted because the team is working very good"

Marta Xargay (Halcón Avenida): "Was a strong game, they never stopped to fight and finally we got the victory. I'm very happy for this and forgot my last injury"

MiZo Pecs head coach Ákos Füzy:
"The team has worked good. We know that Salamanca is a hard place, and we are building a strong mentality. We are -11 in 8 games (2-6). We are competitive in all the games."

MiZo Pecs forward Anna Vadja:
"We think that we are in the good way, working strong, being competitive. 2010 will be our year"


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