Avenida vs. Wisla Quotes

02 December 2009

JORDI FERNANDEZ, Halcon Avenida Coach:

"It was a very tough game with changing result and being up five points at half time we were not sure to win. In the last quarter Wisla played much better and so they won the game. Once again Marta Fernandez was great. My Team was not able to stop her and her teammates in the last four minutes."

JOSE HERNANDEZ, Wisla Can Pack Coach:

"I am very happy, this is a great result. But we know we must improve many elements in defence and still work to be better. The crowd was important for us today."


"Congratulations for Wisla. It was the game of two very good teams. We knew that to win here would be very difficult - but we did our best to win. Liron Cohen, Janell Burse and Marta Fernandez - having such players you must fight to win."


"I am so happy. We had some problems but in the second half we showed that we are a team. Thanks to our supporters thanks to everybody that came tooday to our gym." 

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