Quotes Gospic Croatia vs. ESB Lille Metropole


Stipe Bralić, Gospić Croatia Osiguranje Head Coach: 

"In the beginning the passing of the ball was excellent and we made our three-pointers.  In the first quarter we had a great head start which we kept all the way until the end of the game.  We needed a 14 point difference, but we managed to make a 22 point difference.  Naturally, we are satisfied!"  

Jelena Ivezić, Gospić player: 

"In a wonderful atmosphere we began the game only the way someone could wish for.  We achieved a great lead in the score and we managed to keep this large difference all the way to the end of the game.  I am very happy that we have achieved the form we needed and I hope that in the future EuroLeague games, we will show our true side."  

Emilie Gomis, Lille Metropole player: 

"The atmosphere was wonderful,  We could see that the fans were very happy because their team was able to achieve their first win.  For sure, Gospić was a better team.  They won and we congratulate them."  

Abdou N'Diays, Lille Metropole Head Coach: 

"I have to admit that today Gospić surprised us in the first quarter with all of their three-point shots which we, with our best efforts, could not reach.  We congratulate them on their deserved win."


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