Quotes Ros Casares vs. Cras Basket Taranto

13 January 2010
Isma Cantó, Ciudad Ros Casares coach:
"The key of the game was in our defense. We worked very hard and they had a lot of problems to take shots from good positions. We want only victory from our game against Galatasaray next Wednesday. We are looking to close the Regular Season finishing among the best teams in the EuroLeague to secure ourselves an easier road to the Final Four."

Roberto Ricchini, Cras Basket Taranto coach:
"We can't talk about the game because the score speaks for itself. They were very good in defense. The game in Valencia was very different than the game in Taranto. There they played without Amaya Valdemoro and we played with more intensity. I think that Ciudad Ros Casares can compete with Spartak and Ekaterinburg for the EuroLeague title."


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