Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Ros Casares


Ros Casares head coach Isma Canto:
In the first ten minutes the teams were playing shoulder to shoulder, and we led for a while, but in the second quarter our players made a lot of turnovers, and allowed UMMC to go ahead. The struggle was fierce in the third quarter, some of our turnovers and important baskets of UMMC predetermined the outcome of the match.

UMMC center Ann Wauters:
I'd like to say, that it's a good revenge for our club. We found good chemistry in defense, and now we are beginning to show good team work. I want to thank our fans for their warm support.

UMMC head coach Gundars Vetra:
We've won against a very good team tonight, who defeated us in Spain, so we needed a revenge for our team's standings and for our confidence, and have taken it. Good work has been done, now we are to play in Moscow, and we'll try to do it worthily.


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