Quotes UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Cras Basket Taranto


Roberto Ricchini, Cras Basket Taranto coach:

"Our goal for this game was to prevent a significant score difference, but we failed. The team from Ekaterinburg is a locomotive, which goes at full speed, sweeping everything away. The only excuse we have is that our team is exhausted after the hard home league games and a long [EuroLeague] road trips."

Angela Gianolla, Cras Basket Taranto:

"I have nothing to say, because the statistics speak for themselves. UMMC is the best team..."

Gundars Vetra, UMMC coach:

"It is the first game in a long period of time, that our team has played with its full roster. Our team has proved to be stable in every position. I'm happy that everybody is okay, and can play to their full strength. Comparing the two games [against Taranto] we can safely say that Taranto played better at home."

Sandrine Gruda, UMMC Ekaterinburg:

"It was really a very good game for us, we felt like a united team, taking a lot of rebounds and helping each other. We prepared for the match thoroughly, having analyzed our first game against our opponents."


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