Quotes TTT Riga vs. Ros Casares

02 December 2009

Isma CANTO, Ros Casares Head Coach

"It`s mistake to think only about the game we played in Valencia. Every time when Riga plays at home they fight in every game. The first half of the game was really close. We started really good but didn`t played good in defense in the second quarter. We played much better defense in the second half."

DeLisha MILTON, Ros Casares

"We are very happy to accomplish our fifth win in Euroleague. We are trying to win no matter where we play. It`s always important to get the win. Today wasn`t our best game as a team, but we were still able to come out with the victory. It`s the most important thing at this point and I`m really happy. I have to say congratulations to Cindy`s team, because they came out with a lot of heart and a lot of passion, and considering what happened in Valencia when we played each other, winning by eighty points, it`s embarrasing. TTT came out today with something to prove and you can see intensity on their faces and it was good to see."

Cindy LIMA, TTT Riga

"We played against one of the best teams in Europe. We have different goals than them. Their goal is to be in play-offs. For most of my teammates it`s the first year in EuroLeague, it`s a year to learn and grow up. Our goal is to increase our intensity, be as intensive and competitive as possible, game after game. We are lucky to play against amazing players, a lot of people in my team are playing a lot of minutes in EuroLeague for the first time, many play for the first time in the starting five. It`s not an excuse but we are growing up as a team. Today we really fought despite having amazing players in front of us. We tried to prove that we want to grow up and be competitive. Everybody has to give their best and I`m trying to encourage my teammates."

Aigars NERIPS, TTT Riga Head Coach:

"First, Valencia is a very strong team and I congratulate them. We were focusing on our defense but ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. Valencia is the "Final Four" team and I wish them good luck in the play-offs."

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