Quotes Cholet Basket vs. Virtus BolognaFiere


Erman Kunter, Cholet Head Coach:

"It was a good game, we played decent. In one period our defence and rebounding wasn't there and their offensive rebounds put us in a difficult situation. Coming back took a lot of energy. That's why I took my last time out a little early, to give my players a rest. Had we had another time out in the final minute we might have got a better shot. Virtus are a good and very well coached team and so we are proud that we could stick with them for the entire game. I cannot say if it was a foul on Nando (De Colo) on the last shot. Nando told me it was but I was too far away.Our big guys are very important to our system. Unfortunately they got in foul trouble early and thus we could not play at full strength the whole time."

Nando De Colo, Cholet Player:

"Normally we are an aggressive team. Today we only showed our full aggressiveness in the last 4 minutes of the game. Every mistake counts on the European stage. Our mistakes got punished and we had to fight back from a 14 point deficit which proved to be too much. I am very sad which I think is normal after loosing a big game like this."

Matteo Boniciolli, Bologna Head Coach:

"First of all, congratulations to Cholet. They gave a great example of how to combine a good youth program with a very successful men's team on the European stage. It does not take high paid superstars to get far in a good competition. I am really proud of my players, because we had to fight two opponents today. A great team and coach on the on hand and on the other hand the pressure of 4 lost finals in the past. There were a lot of teams that wanted to win this competition at the beginning of the year. We were among the favourites, but not the only one. So we are very happy that we came away with a title in a very strong competition.

Keith Langford, Bologna Player:

The easiest to say is that I am happy. Happy for Virtus, for my team mates, the fans and for me, too. This was my first full season in European 1st division competition. The switch on the coaching position had a big impact on my game and under coach Boniciolli I get better every day. I am thankful to Virtus because they gave me a chance and I think it paid off for both sides.


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